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Lindsey & Logan: Thank you for everything! You are all amazing

My husband and I decided to get married in San Miguel without ever having actually been to the city. We read a lot of blogs and information online and were drawn towards Penzi as our wedding planner based on the great write-ups and online recommendations we found. We reached out to Guadalupe through email and from the beginning received prompt, helpful correspondence. Our entire wedding planning over the course of 6 months was done via e-mail without ever visiting in person or talking on the phone. This speaks volumes about how talented Penzi’s wedding planners are to be able to create the perfect day for us in these circumstances! I am confident that there is not another wedding planner out there who could have pulled this off.

Guadalupe clearly explained the costs through a spreadsheet along with detailed catalogs with photos and a timeline to help us stay on track through the planning process. We were able to be well informed before making a deposit for her services. We had the pleasure of working with Jennifer as our planner. Jenny was very patient with us through the process, offering advice, but also being flexible to meet our desires and wishes even when they had never been done before. They were always attentive and kept our best interest in mind to ensure the day was perfect.

The execution by Penzi’s staff for both the rehearsal and wedding were phenomenal. Even though it ended up raining (and haling!) in the middle of our ceremony, the staff were ready with umbrellas for guests and a backup plan for the rest of the evening. They made sure that everything flowed smoothly despite the bad weather, and we were never worried or stressed at all.

The food was amazing – perfectly prepared and beautifully served, from the appetizers to the late night snacks. The waiters were professional, but personable. Drinks were creative and delicious too.

We have had so many guests tell us that this was the wedding they had ever been to, best wedding food, and smoothest execution. We cannot agree more. We are so grateful to Guadalupe, Jenny, and the rest of Penzi’s staff for helping to make our wedding dreams become reality! Thank you!

Lindsey & Logan Armatys
June 23, 2018
Casa Chorro, San Miguel de Allende

Mojiangas: Who are they and where do they come from??

Here you are, walking about in the streets of San Miguel, taking in all the colors and smells that surround you. Suddenly, you hear mariachis bursting down the street. Two giant puppets tower above you and a parade of joyful wedding-goers surround you in a whirlwind of laughter and tequila. It is like something straight out of a fairy tale, the experience is truly surreal! So, the question remains…what are these 15ft. tall puppets and where on earth do they come from?


Mojigangas, as they are formally called, originated in Spain and were brought to Mexico in the 1600´s. They were satirically fashioned to ridicule public figures or used as comic relief during religious pilgrimmages. Now, they can be seen throughout San Miguel either hanging out in the town square, or dancing around, leading wedding parades or “callejoneadas” with energy and delight.

What are these giants made of, you ask? Get a load of this: they are literally part firework structure (the body) and part piñata (the head). No joke! It is no wonder these silly giants evoke so much joy, they are made of fireworks and piñatas!


Mojigangas patiently waiting in their closet for their next debut

There are a variety of mojigangas who live in a closet and are chosen according to the look of the newly wedded couple. They are then allowed to dance in the streets giving everyone smiles until they are retired back to their closet, awaiting their next callejoneada.

These puppets are certainly one of the more important ingredients of San Miguel and truly add to the  magic of the town.




Written by Anna Louise Judson

The Essence of San Miguel: the cobblestone streets

You know you have finally made it to San Miguel when your teeth start to chatter, your bones start to rattle, and the van that picked you up from the airport slows down to a gentle coast of 15 mph. It is the cobblestone streets that greet you when you enter San Miguel….

and it is the cobblestone streets that bid you farewell as you leave.


Many would agree the cobblestone streets are what give San Miguel its charm and essence, along with the colonial architecture, impeccable lighting and fresh mountain air. There is something about it all that captures your heart, but especially the cobblestones as you notice how they have been placed carefully side by side just like chocolate truffles in a box. From the perspective of a millennial, it is like a scene from a video game (Super Mario Sunshine to be exact).

Sometimes one can not help but stare at these hundred year-old stones and wonder what they have seen. Hundreds of years have gone by and all the while hundreds of donkeys, horses, carriages, wedding parades, funeral processions, strikers, movie stars, who have come and gone, yet these immortal stones remain.


The cobblestones are excellent indicators of what time of the year it is too with traces of confetti, jacaranda flowers, a gruesome layer of dust during the dry season or a rushing stream of water after a summer shower. The cobblestones are their own terrain within themselves and we love and appreciate them like the wise old oak trees of Texas.

In the words of our dear friend Kirsten West, “The cobblestones are actually one of the best free foot massages in San Miguel de Allende!”

Written by Anna Louise Judson


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