San Miguel de Allende-Destination Wedding Guide by Jeff Brummett

San Miguel de Allende is the most amazing wedding destination right in our backyard.  Of course, Americans love tying the knot in Mexico.  Cabo, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum all come to mind.  Each one has its merits.  But unlike these more well known locals, San Miguel has a uniqueness all it’s own.  One of my favorite San Miguel wedding planners is Guadalupe Alvarez.  She owns Penzi Weddings, well known for spectacular events around the area.  I talked to Guadalupe about her work, San Miguel, and what makes this a special place for weddings.

“San Miguel is special because of its people.” says Guadalupe.
“They are so warm and loving.  Everyone here wants you to be happy and know that you are special.  We want to share our traditions, passion for fun, love of food, and beauty”.

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