Testimonial One Drop Foundation -Cirque du Soleil’s non profit organization

I reached out to Penzi for  last minute help to organise 3 cocktails and dinner nights for our 1 week conference that was held in San Miguel de Allende.

Our organisation had to pivot quickly to a new location and we had  less than 8 weeks to do it.  Without the help of Penzi’s very capable hands, we simply could not have pulled it off and our event would have been at risk.

I had a good feeling about Penzi from the very beginning.  I had noticed the diversity of people in their online portfolio, and,  had also noticed  the owner Guadalupe Alvarez, was deeply involved in social causes within the San Miguel community. As we are a non profit organisation, I thought their values were well aligned with ours and it simply felt good, from the start. I therefore decided I should be in touch to get more information about them and  what services they offered.

I reached out by email asking for help and to my surprise they had responded within 24 hours with some ideas and proposals.  I have worked with the Mexican markets many times and the response times are normally much longer!  I told myself, they must be used to working with North American cultures who are well known for wanting to have quick answers!

At this point we had less than 7 weeks to have everything organised  and we were so impressed that we decided to make our way to San Miguel and further elaborate on options and hold further discussions.

We met Mee -Ngan , Valetta, Pato and Gudadalupe who brought us to see all the different venues.  They also took the time to show us their operations and warehouse and I was extremely impressed at how well organised and clean everything was.  The dishware, utensils , glassware , serving trays  etc. were all wrapped and sealed and kept in a very clean area in protective plastic covered shelfs. Their show room had a great variety of table presentations , décor etc. Mee -Ngan here impressed me most since she knew exactly what I wanted and her mind reading skills were amazing!  It took very little time to choose from the high quality dishware, centrepieces, glassware and table runners.  All of it is very well made, hand crafted and simply beautiful. 

In terms of creative themes for every evening function we worked magic with some very creative concepts.  We were able to integrate  notions of Mexican culture with the themes and it was simply beautifully imagined and executed. From entertainment , to menu options and the small touches, nothing went amiss.  Mee-Ngan and Guadalupe’s experience could be felt throughout and it really took short brainstorming sessions to come up with brilliant ideas!

The logistics team onsite for every event  headed by Pato and Valetta, did excellent job at overseeing that the lighting was perfect , table layouts were set  out perfectly well, and, everyone involved in the set up simply knew what they had to next. My observations were that  the employees were happy to be working and are not disgruntled at all.  The Maitre’D s and the waiters were gregarious and gracious and all did a fantastic job serving us  the delicious  evening meals that were beautifully presented. 

Our group consisted of 13 different nationalities and some with  specific dietary restrictions or specifications.  They were able to easily accommodate all of them on every occasion and without forgetting anyone.

All of the guests and VIP’s were extremely impressed, enchanted and delighted with our evening functions . They were the highlight of our week long conference and some attendants still talk about it today!   It helped us with building rapport amongst international attendees and our objectives of reuniting around one cause was made possible with the help from Penzi  ‘s services.

I can  highly recommend anyone who is thinking of holding an Event in San Miguel de Allende to hire Penzi. They simply excel at everything they do.

Thank you Penzi and we look forward to seeing you work you magic again for us in the future!

Alain Robert

Travel Specialist

One Drop Foundation