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The Origin of the Moravian Star, a Pinnacle Decorative Element in Traditional San Miguel Weddings

According to the Moravian Church, the Moravian Star’s shape originated in the boarding schools of Moravia in Germany during the 19th century. The schools used Moravian Stars as a geometry exercise. At the Moravian boarding school in Niesky, Germany, students practiced by making paper shapes. The form of an elongated pyramid inspired the geometry teacher and the students to combine the shapes and form a star. The stars were also seen as early as 1747 in the Moravian community of Herrnhag, Germany. Later, the stars were carried all around the world by missionaries and introduced to other cultures, who appreciated the design for its aesthetics.

An antique Moravian Star design circa 1900. 
Photo credits: Paul Madden Antiques

The art of tinware has been part of Mexico’s history since the mid-18th century, starting as a more accessible craft that imitated works made of chiseled silver. It’s fascinating how the tradition of tinware in Mexico has evolved and adapted to various uses over time. The versatility of this material allowed tin artisans to create a variety of objects, from religious decorative items to toys and everyday objects.

Indeed, the creation of tin crafts is a tradition in various places in Mexico, and as you mentioned, Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende are two locations where this craft is particularly prominent.

Tinsmithing in Mexico dates back to the colonial era and has evolved over centuries. Regarding raw materials and the creation process, it’s accurate that tinsmithing involves a variety of materials and tools, such as tinplate, mirrors, imported glass, local glass, natural mirrors, decorated mirrors and marbles.

Process for creating a star

Once all the materials are gathered, on the tin sheet, they will need a steel grater to scratch the figures. Scissors will be used for making cuts, and for perforating the figures, they will employ small pointed tools (uñetas) to engrave the designs. Next, they will use small cone-shaped tools (obeliscos) to close and shape the points. Using tin solder and a soldering iron, they will join all the formed points. As a final touch, they will apply a transparent lacquer to enhance the durability of the tin’s color.

Alternatively, in some cases, they can be painted in gold or copper colors.

Incorporating tin stars from San Miguel de Allende into your wedding not only adds a visually charming touch but also has a significant impact on the local community and the preservation of tradition. Here are some reasons to consider these tin stars for your wedding:

Supporting the Local Community
By purchasing or renting tin stars, you are directly contributing to job creation for local artisans and residents of San Miguel de Allende. This has a positive impact on the community’s economy, allowing people to earn a dignified and sustainable livelihood.

Preservation of Tradition and Culture
Choosing to include tin stars in your wedding helps keep the tradition and culture of San Miguel de Allende alive. By supporting and promoting the use of these crafts, you are contributing to the conservation of a cultural heritage that has been passed down through generations.

Emotional and Symbolic Meaning
Beyond their cultural value, tin stars can carry special meaning for the couple and their guests. They can symbolize the authenticity of San Miguel de Allende and the desire to support and honor the local community on such an important day.

Adds Authenticity and Beauty to Your Wedding
These tin stars are beautiful pieces of art that can serve as unique decoration for your wedding. They will add a special and authentic touch, making your wedding more memorable and distinctive.

By choosing to have San Miguel de Allende Tin Stars at your wedding, you are making a decision that goes beyond aesthetics. You are contributing to the economic and cultural sustainability of the local community and becoming a part of the preservation of a valuable tradition.

How to use Tin Stars in your Wedding

Adds Authenticity and Beauty to Your Wedding

Tin stars are so versatile that they can be adapted to any type of wedding; however, much will depend on each couple as you will be the ones to decide how to integrate them with the other details that make your wedding in San Miguel de Allende unique.

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