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The 6th edition of Belief Awards

The 6th edition of Belief Awards was just amazing! At this time, the online contest for wedding planners had winners from nine different countries and it also gained a new category: People’s Choice. With that, Belief Awards received votes from all over the world!

Dance under the stars
Georgie and Brad live in the US, but they decided to get married in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. “The bride and the groom wanted to dance under the stars and one of the symbols of San Miguel are the tin stars so we decided to hang them over the dance and pool area, we also added twinkle lights to finish the very romantic mood. The bride is a designer so we wanted to make sure everything was perfect just like she wanted, she gave us great direction and at the end of the day she was very happy ”, tells Guadalupe Alvarez, the wedding planner in charge of this wedding.

On the moment that this photo was taken, the couple was taking a romantic instant alone to enjoy each other.



Cultural – American + Persian wedding in Mexico
The groom, David, is American, and the bride, Nassem, has Persian heritage in her family. For their wedding, they wanted to bring their countries’ traditions. “In Persian weddings, the Sofreh Aghd is the most important piece of décor. It has elements that are very important in Persian culture and we have them all in the picture. The wedding had many flowers as this is very important for them. The bride’s family brought many items from Iran, and some are family heirlooms, this also made it so special”, explains Guadalupe Alvarez, the wedding planner in charge of this wedding.

The winning image of Belief Awards was taken just moments before the guests arrived at the ceremony and we had everything ready. “It was really beautiful!”, claims Guadalupe.