As humanity we have caused a lot of damage to the planet, with pollution, garbage, agrochemicals, deforestation, the advance of the urban sprawl, or the overexploitation of natural resources to name a few factors.

That is why we are going through an unprecedented and very alarming ecological crisis. The effects of this crisis are already in sight, the extinction of species, global warming, the appearance of pandemics, the accumulation of plastics and garbage, among others.

Our commitment is to address all dimensions of sustainability with a long-term vision.

  • We are interested in respecting and strengthening national cultural manifestations, taking care of the environment, being socially sensitive and supporting the local economy.
  • Minimizing the negative impact or ecological footprint on the environment of everything we do and offer at Penzi is an unwavering commitment.
  • We recognize that if we don’t join those who work for the planet, if we don’t become part of the solution, then we will be part of the problem and that, for Penzi, is inadmissible, the planet needs us.
  • We lead by example, therefore;
    • We have practices to save water, reduce unnecessary consumption, use innocuous substances and materials for cleaning and disinfection.
    • All glass, cardboard and the little plastic that we use is entirely recycled.
    • We use all organic waste (food, foliage and flowers) to make compost.
    • We are pioneers in determining the ecological footprint of our events and we have compensated it by adopting the necessary extension of forest so that the environmental services they provide fully offset it.
We invite all our clients and suppliers to make an effort to also join in favor of the planet and minimize and compensate their ecological footprint, calling on them to participate in the “CompensoVOW” initiative, for example.