Choosing Penzi Wedding was the greatest decision my husband and I have ever made

We just want to say thank you to you guys and your team! We are beyond thankful for you and cannot explain how loved we feel. You guys made planning and the wedding the most incredible time of our lives.

We love Penzi!!!!

Thank you so much for everything. You know we will be back soon.

Choosing Penzi Wedding was the greatest decision my husband and I have ever made. You have to have your wedding with Penzi! My Husband and I had our wedding through Penzi Weddings and it was the most incredible wedding! Not only was the week of the wedding incredible, but all of the planing before was as well.

We did most of the planning via email and you would think that would be difficult, but the Penzi team made it easy and fun. We made one visit to San Miguel before the wedding and the Penzi team set up taste testings for us and tables and flowers and we simply just had to point and eat! It felt like we were at a wedding instead of doing stressful planning.

The week of the actual wedding was incredible. I cannot even explain how great their team are! The staff is attentive, precise, alert. If any issues happened I have no idea because they are on top of everything! The food, decorations, music, everything was absolutely breathtaking. The only surprises that happened were incredible surprises!!! It was so beautiful!

A wedding our family and friends will be talking about for ever! I promise it is the best decision you will make!

Hayden Pancake & Ally Bell 🙂

Photo by: Charley Smith

An absolutely amazing and beautiful wedding

Penzi Weddings put on an absolutely amazing and beautiful wedding for Ally and Hayden Bell!

Particularly, their attention to every single TINY detail made this experience a truly unforgettable one! From the intricate and festive décor, the thoughtful and unique parade and the breathtaking fireworks, this team undoubtedly put on an event that will be cherished by everyone in attendance!

The staff was attentive, engaging and incredibly enjoyable at all times. The team seemingly knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it always!

Choosing Penzi Weddings was the greatest decision that Ally and Hayden could have made for their wedding.

I could not give a higher recommendation than Penzi!

Ellery and Trace: Guadalupe and her team are an absolute dream!

Ellery & Trace Wedding in San Miguel de Allende

Guadalupe and her team are an absolute dream!

They helped us navigate the entire wedding planning process with grace and ease, and provided so many wonderful recommendations and ideas to bring our wedding to life. They listened to our feedback, and were always so responsive and helpful – even in spite of the distance as we were planning from another country.

Our entire wedding weekend was truly the most magical experience, and we would not have changed a thing.

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude my husband and I have for the entire Penzi team.

Ellery & Trace
April 7th 2018

Photo by Silvie Gil