Breanna & Jose Carlos – Review

Hola, Me llamo Señora González!💃🏼🤍

Let me first start by saying how incredibly thankful I am for @meeg_penziweddings @flor_penziweddings and the rest of @penziweddings staff! They not only put together the wedding of my dreams but manage to throw the best Welcome party and Tornaboda I could ever imagine! For those of yall that know me well… I can be the most indecisive, detail oriented, perfectionist in the world. You can only imagine the amount of late night texts, weekend calls, and lists of requests I had for each and every item and event. To planning three events to my perfection, to having to move and replan them for a later date due to Covid-19, to managing the restrictions Covid-19, to perfecting every last request on my list. Mee-Ngan and Flor you exceeded every expectation I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you for your patience, determination and passion to make this day or should I say daysss the most magical of them all! I will say, I will miss our daily texts. I love yall! José Carlos and I couldn’t have been more thankful and grateful for you two! As I always say you two deserve a margarita (or a pitcher)!❤️🥂