Jenn and Jack: You guys are now part of the family. We love you!

Jenn & Jack Wedding in San Miguel de Allende

Hi Jackie and Guadalupe!

Wow, what a weekend!!! What a magical weekend! I worried all week (let’s be real, all year) about rain, about the location, about people having fun. You were prepared for all. Rain or shine, sober or drunk, hot or cold, meat or vegan, mom or bride. You had my back.

I remember when the rain started spitting and i saw Guadalupe in the corner telling me “it will be ok.” That was a peaceful moment. That’s when I realized it is what it is. We are in San Miguel and we made the best of this situation. The rain didn’t last long and we got sun and beautiful weather for the whole week.

From saturday’s Callejoneada to the Monday brunch, everything from start to finish was at the utmost perfection. Every detail played a part, every moment was made special, everything was just incredible. We are a month out and people are STILL talking about it. People want to do monthly reunions!!!

We have people telling us it was the most spectacular wedding they have ever been to and we could not have done it without you guys. Your staff was so friendly, they filled up every empty glass with tequila instantly, they took care of our guests as if they were their own family.

You guys have an eye for detail, for fun, and for sophistication. What a magical weekend and it was all thanks to you.

You will get ALL my recommendations and we will find excuses to make it out and see you and dance with you again! thank you for the most amazing time and unforgettable memories.

You are the best.

You guys are now part of the family. We love you,

Jenn Malka & Jack Paxton